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Bull and Bear: A FTH Rankings analysis

Putting out preseason rankings is not as easy as 1 through 10. In fact, I probably go through multiple permutations and iterations before settling in on a final draft, clicking send and ducking for cover. Some fan bases are a little more relentless than others, as are some coaches. I'll inevitably be blocked on Instagram or Twitter by a person or two. But one thing you can assure is that I actually do take a lot of time and analysis before dropping these lists. And for the first time probably ever, I'm going to share with you some of that analysis. In this piece, I'll go through each of the top 10 and tell you the highest place and lowest place I slotted them in drafts leading up to the final release, and the reasons why I settled on the place they were ultimately ranked.

1. St Augustine

Where they are: 1

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