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UCSD Team Camp Day 2 standouts

By Kyler Roberts

Editor's Note: Welcome Kyler Roberts to the Full-Time Hoops Team! Kyler currently works as a producer at KUSI News in San Diego, and has a journalism background at The Lake Oswego Review, and at student publications at Central Washington University, the Observer, Central NewsWatch, as well as interning at The Lake Oswego Review.

RIMAC Arena - Squads from around San Diego, California and a few other states were at UCSD this weekend… for the first of several basketball team camps being held this summer.

Teams like La Costa Canyon, Olympian and El Camino had a great showing this weekend… with El Camino going undefeated in five contests. Here’s a look at some of the prospects that showed out on Saturday.

Treyshaun Degrate, 5-10 2025 PG, San Diego


  • Vocal point guard on both sides of the ball, did an excellent job of making sure teammates were on the same page and where they needed to be

  • Great playmaker, had several assists while making sure to hit his teammates in the right spots

  • Strong driver and finisher inside

Areas to improve:

- Be more aggressive finding his own shot, as he has the ability to get into the teeth of the defense

Runnar "RJ" Miller, 6-2 2026 F, Madison


  • STRENGTH! Was an absolute mismatch in the post. Had a variety of overpowering post moves to get through the defense

  • Solid passer out of the post

  • Good at putting his body on opponents to box out and secure a rebound

What to improve on:

  • A little loose with handle

  • More consistency at the free throw line, as he’s going to be fouled quite a bit this year

Tristan Anderson, 5-7 2027 PG, Olympian


  • Very shift with his handle, ability to break down and get past his defender with his change of pace and speed with ball

  • Good playmaker in the pick and roll, consistently hit roller if defense was out of place

  • Strong ability to pick-pocket ball handlers

What to improve on:

  • Will need to add strength and weight, which will help ability to finish through contact in the lane

Jordan “JJ” Walker. 5-7 2026 PG, Olympian


  • Very strong shooter off the bounce and off the catch… drained jumper after jumper to keep Parker at bay

  • Finishing over taller defenders with a series of floaters

What to improve on:

  • Spotting open teammates after defense starts to hone in on him when he’s hot

Luke Sandburg, 6-1 2024 PG, Del Norte


  • Very strong finisher with a variety of different gathers to keep defenses guessing

  • Ability to track down rebounds was impressive, considering he’s a bit undersized down low

What to improve on:

  • Work on his outside shot/free throws

  • Playmaking ability… since he can get into the pain consistently, defenses will crash, leaving teammates open outside

Ben Gavani, 6-6 2024 PF, University City


  • Very bouncy, athletic big man who did a good job of defending in and out

  • Strong on the glass, protecting rim on drives, blocking shots on perimeter as well

  • Jumpshot fundamentals looked very solid, although didn’t take many

What to improve on:

  • Not the best ball handler, but he’s not asked to handle much in the offense

  • More discipline on shot fakes, fouled a few times after offensive player got him in the air

Jalen Williams, 6-1 2026 PG, San Marcos


  • Tight handle, impressive ability to get to the rim at any point in the game

  • Array of finishing moves with ability to spin, floater, etc.

  • Hits open teammates consistently

What to improve on:

  • Shooting off the bounce, was able to hit shots off catch… but with his handling ability he can generate some good looks on pull-up jumpers

Jayden Gray, 6-0 2026 G, Victory Christian


  • Strong in the drive and kick game, his strength helped him get into the paint to kick out to open shooters

  • Off-ball pest on defense, can stay in front of offensive player and made it tough for them to get open looks

What to improve on:

  • Ball handling, can be more vocal as a lead guard

  • Finishing at the rim in traffic could use some work

Jack Jennings, 6-6 2024 F, El Camino


  • Strong shooter, length helps him get shots over the defense

  • Versatile defender, able to guard inside and out

  • Post scoring, turning and shooting over defense

What to work on:

  • Would like to see more aggressiveness on the glass

  • Finishing strong off post-ups, instead of settling for turnaround jumpers… especially with big mismatches


Jeramiah Turner, 6-0 2026 G, Tri-City Christian


  • Dropped three after three in the second half… (unofficially) scored 32 of team’s 47 points

  • Good handle to get to his spots

What to work on:

  • Effort on defense

  • Finding open teammates when shot isn’t there


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