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San Diego’s Best Unsigned Prospects: a FTH Report

I've seen a lot of basketball this season, and one thing I'm struck by is the sheer amount of senior talent not spoken for by colleges of all levels.

This 2024 group has both standouts and hidden gems that could make an impact at some point in their post-secondary careers.

I've tried to put together a list of the players I think could have the biggest impact, and what level I think they could do it at.

Full-Time Hoops Top Unsigned Prospects

Adam De La Cruz, 6-5 F, Otay Ranch

De La Cruz is a skilled big wing/ undersized four man who is a sharpshooter from deep. He has the ability to score from three levels, especially when he drives to his dominant (right) hand. He’s also an excellent passer with vision to see out of double teams or to hit open cutters with no-look passes. Defensively, De La Cruz has some limitations that get exploited when guarding switches on the perimeter, and his effort level on that end tends to fluctuate. 

Level: Juco/NAIA+

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